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Burano, Italy. Island of Venice
A quiet, delightful island with picturesque pastel-colored houses.

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Earthlight is the partial illumination of the dark portion of the moon’s surface by light reflected from the Earth and from the Earth’s airglow. It is also known as Earthshine [or] Planetshine, the Moon’s ashen glow, or the old Moon in the new Moon’s arms.”

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Kiara Kabukuru by Lacey for Muse

Kiara Kabukuru by Lacey for Muse

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"The best way to dehumanize someone while claiming you’re not is to believe you are just the same. You erase their experiences and perspective, their struggles and obstacles, their unique way of having to deal with those things in a world that also erases them. With the words, ‘but humans are humans’ or the bullshit dramatics of ‘we all bleed red’ normal people can simply pretend that if we all did things the way they did, then everything would work out okay. But, yes, we all bleed red but you don’t treat a papercut the same way you treat a gash, you don’t treat an infected wound the same way you treat one that isn’t, you don’t treat a wound to the leg the same way you treat a wound to the gut. You are not acknowledging someone’s personhood when you ignore the very things that make their lives different than yours, and when you refuse to understand that their circumstances have given them their own perspective that is just as valid as yours. More valid in fact – their perspective about their experiences that you haven’t been through is far more valid than anything you could ever think about it."
The danger of worldviews (Speaking when the world sleeps)

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Helsinki-born photographer Osma Harvilahti is absolutely killing it with his studies in colour, composition and visual abstraction. His images are aestheticised so far to the point that reality takes on an almost sculptural feel.

Osma’s photographs seem familiar, almost as though we have already seen or have taken mental screen shots of these images of every day life - clutter in a lounge room, clothes on a washing line, a plate of fruit. It’s this perfect balance between aesthetic and reality that he has found an almost comforting place for the viewer. 

Enjoy more of Osma’s work on his Tumblr and Instagram.

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Arfa Iqbal, by An Dukes.

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